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"Why Men Lose Interest"

Understanding Men in Relationships

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You're worried your guy is losing interest.

You don't really know what he's thinking, only that something has changed.

He may not open up easily, so you make guesses based on your hidden feminine assumptions. And sometimes they will be wrong!

Understanding how men think

Your girlfriends don't understand men.

They can listen to you, sympathize with you, console you.

Bitch with you.

But they can't really help you, not with understanding men.

ManTranslated can help you understand men.

You need a man

I'm a man

I can help

David of ManTranslated; understanding men.

How Men Think in Relationships

I've been married for 24 years to a wonderful yet sometimes infuriating woman. She's nodding in agreement as I tell you it hasn't always been easy, for either of us!

This site is for women who are sometimes confused, angered or hurt by their man. That's pretty much every woman in a relationship!

Here you'll find the best advice from the experts, filtered through my own hard-won experience. Nothing too philosophical though, these are practical steps you can apply right now.

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In explaining men, I'm definitely not suggesting his needs take priority over yours. Improving understanding and communication between equal partners is what we're about.

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