How Men Think In Relationships

Building Strong Intimate Relationships

Men are easy to understand. We say what we mean (although I agree we can be frustratingly slow to open up). Our actions speak loudly. We have powerful needs, but they are easily satisfied by the woman who "gets" us.

So yes, men are easy to understand, if you can see things from the male perspective.

And many women can't. Your feminine intuition serves you well with other women, but not with your man. If you are struggling in relating to men, it's because you are trying to understand him from a feminine viewpoint. You're projecting female reasoning onto male actions.

Men are not women-with-muscles. We need to be handled differently. But once you get what makes him tick, he'll treat you just the way you've been yearning for...

So this section is about what you can do together to build strong and rewarding relationships.

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