Understand Your Man, And Take On The World Together

For women like you…

The heat of his early lust and adoration is slowly cooling.

He’s definitely making less effort. You are no longer the center of his life.

Is your guy losing interest, or just becoming comfortable?

…by a man who’s been there

My wife and I were soul-mates. Our relationship was indestructible. So strong in fact, that it had no need of nurturing and protecting.

Time passed.

Changing priorities. Financial worries. Unmet (and often unrecognised) needs. The sheer busy-ness of our crazy modern lives.

These were all eating away at our love and our marriage.

A few years ago, an unthinkable notion wormed its way into our life:-

“we might not make it as a couple”.

How men think in relationships

Like many (most?) men, I wasn’t exactly in touch with my own feelings, let alone those of my wife.

I was angry and resentful without knowing why.

It was too much of a challenge to understand women. So I set out to learn all I could about how men think, and what we need in relationships.

Fix myself to fix our marriage.

Why read on?

I discovered we weren’t the first couple to run into problems. Surprise!

There’s a lot of practical wisdom out there. Much of it, although powerful, is written by women for women, or by men for men.

Here, I’ve collected the best of what I’ve learned. Everything I wish my wife (and I) had known about guys in relationships.

If you understand how men think, and if he’s putting in some effort as well, I believe you can work out your difficulties.

And, thank you for asking, we’re doing very nicely now!

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