Bad David!

It looks like I messed up.

But seeing you’re here now, can I ask whether (like so many of my readers) you’re worried he’s stopped trying?

If his interest is waning, it means something is missing in the relationship. What’s missing is something he needs in order to feel fully alive as a man.

That missing thing is what I want to tell you about. It’s an obsession all men have. They rarely talk about it because they barely understand it themselves. This short video explains it all…

Free video - secret obsession of men

Or if you prefer simply to read, get the article here.

When a man stops trying…it’s because he has no outlet for this “obsession”…or at least not in his relationship with you. As a result, your relationship begins to wither and die. But it’s not too late.

Learn to open the floodgates for this obsession. Then it will cause his energy to flow into his relationship with you. After that, all you have to do is sit back and watch him work on making the relationship something beautiful he can feel proud of.

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