Make Him Worship You

At ManTranslated I aim to empower you by explaining how men really think. I recently came across a new program that does this in spades.

It's an online guide to captivating your guy and creating a passionate relationship that turns into enduring love.

Yes I know, you’ve heard it all before but you haven’t. Unlike some relationship programs, this one doesn’t make you change who you are or do anything that doesn’t suit you. Instead, it focuses on the psychology and pressures that society places on men, and then it teaches you to use these things in ways we respond to.

Here's a screenshot of a few of the modules (click for more details):

Course modules

And here's a shot of the course outline (click for more details):

Course outline

I think it's worth checking out (and there's an authentic money-back guarantee so you really have nothing to lose).

[I suggest clicking straight through to the text version - IMHO it explains things better]

- David